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Our Linkedin coaching service will help you to create a keyword optimised profile to rank highly in searches conducted by head-hunters and employers for your dream job.

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You will receive tailored advice to build an exceptionally strong Supply Chain and Procurement resume that showcases your strengths and abilities.

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You will also be coached on leveraging your personal brand through social media and receive insider tips on how to build strong relationships.

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Jon-Paul is passionate about equipping you with the right tools to leverage your professional brand, have an outstanding Linkedin profile and resume, and a comprehensive strategy to unlock the hidden job market and secure that dream role.

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Client Reviews

JP is diligent with what is required to accelerate the process for your next step. He is an amazing mentor and I highly recommend him to anyone that is ready to take the next step!

Anahita R - GM Operations

Jon-Paul is a legend! He walked me through a logical step by step process to improve my LinkedIn profile. Previously I had spent many hours refining my profile, only to discover that all I had done was to clutter it with info that made me hard to find. I am confident that the tweaks I have made will really improve search-ability of my profile. Many thanks for the advice!

Crispin D - GM Supply Chain


September Supply Chain and Procurement Job Market Update

22 September 2020

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the unemployment rate actually dropped between July and August by almost 9%. Full time employment increased by 36,200 and part-time employment increased by 74,800. This is despite Victoria being totally locked down under stage 3 restrictions. Despite the positive job market data release, job seekers are still reporting it being hard to find work. This is especially so in Victoria which was the only state to report a rise in unemployment in the August seasonally adjusted […]read more

How is the Supply Chain job market performing?

13 August 2020

The events of the past few months have had a huge impact on economic activity and people’s livelihoods. The global economy is forecast to contract by 4.5% in 2020 and significant monetary, fiscal and regulatory measures have been put in place in all major advanced economies to dampen the economic downturn. Imposition of lockdown restrictions had a major impact on industries forced to close due to social distancing restrictions and then gradually as we moved through phases of easing of […]read more

What are Linkedin Skills and are they important?

10 August 2020

In 2012 Linkedin added Skills to profiles. These are essentially tags that feature on your profile beneath your career experience. You may add up to 50 skills and Linkedin allows you to pin your top three to be permanently visible on your profile. Once you have added the skills you can then go about generating endorsements for these skills from 1stdegree connections. Rather than asking for endorsements, it’s a good idea to reach out to your contacts and start to […]read more

How to write the best Supply Chain resume

10 August 2020

This article explores specific tips to help Supply Chain & Procurement professionals put together a really strong resume that is both eye catching and optimised towards securing your ideal next Supply Chain role. Having worked in executive supply chain recruitment for 16 years and having built a Supply Chain & Procurement career site that ranked number 1 in Google for a variety of top search terms, I understand how important it is to build a strong resume that makes an […]read more

Linkedin profile tips for Supply Chain professionals

10 August 2020

There are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of Linkedin profile writing articles out there with excellent pointers for optimising your profile and building your network, however most of these articles are geared towards any kind of Linkedin user and not a specific industry vertical. This article explores specific tips to help Supply Chain and Procurement practitioners write a really strong profile that showcases your talent and ensures your profile ranks well in searches when employers and head hunters are looking […]read more