What are Linkedin Skills and are they important?

10 August 2020

In 2012 Linkedin added Skills to profiles. These are essentially tags that feature on your profile beneath your career experience. You may add up to 50 skills and Linkedin allows you to pin your top three to be permanently visible on your profile.

Once you have added the skills you can then go about generating endorsements for these skills from 1stdegree connections. Rather than asking for endorsements, it’s a good idea to reach out to your contacts and start to endorse them for their own skills and most will reciprocate and you will start to receive the endorsements that help to increase your searchability.

Skills are not merely a feature that simply sits on your profile for all your network to see and potentially endorse, they are also searchable elements of your profile. For instance a Supply Chain recruiter could be executing a Linkedin search and wishes to filter the candidates by adding in some key skills. The Linkedin algorithms will search candidate profiles for these skills and a results list will be returned to the recruiter with all candidates matching the criteria they have set out.

In addition to Skills being a searchable element of Linkedin, they are also used to rank candidates when they apply for jobs through Linkedin. If you have listed all the Skills on your profile required by the job poster then once you apply you will demonstrate a 100% criteria match and this can increase your chances of securing an interview.


What Skills should I add to my profile?


The best place to start is to work backwards. Research job listings for the types of positions you will be applying for and make a list of the Skills criteria that the posters require for the postings. What are the most common ones?

Remember …… you can add 50 skills to your profile and therefore you should be able to capture the vast majority of skills that feature on listings for the types of roles you desire.

Be sure to review your Skills over time and update the top three most important Skills as your career evolves.


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