Job Seeking

September Supply Chain and Procurement Job Market Update

22 September 2020

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the unemployment rate actually dropped between July and August by almost 9%. Full time employment increased by 36,200 and part-time employment increased by 74,800. This is despite Victoria being totally locked down under stage 3 restrictions. Despite the positive job market data release, job seekers are still reporting it being hard to find work. This is especially so in Victoria which was the only state to report a rise in unemployment in the August seasonally adjusted […]read more

How is the Supply Chain job market performing?

13 August 2020

The events of the past few months have had a huge impact on economic activity and people’s livelihoods. The global economy is forecast to contract by 4.5% in 2020 and significant monetary, fiscal and regulatory measures have been put in place in all major advanced economies to dampen the economic downturn. Imposition of lockdown restrictions had a major impact on industries forced to close due to social distancing restrictions and then gradually as we moved through phases of easing of […]read more