Linkedin Tips

What are Linkedin Skills and are they important?

10 August 2020

In 2012 Linkedin added Skills to profiles. These are essentially tags that feature on your profile beneath your career experience. You may add up to 50 skills and Linkedin allows you to pin your top three to be permanently visible on your profile. Once you have added the skills you can then go about generating endorsements for these skills from 1stdegree connections. Rather than asking for endorsements, it’s a good idea to reach out to your contacts and start to […]read more

Linkedin profile tips for Supply Chain professionals

10 August 2020

There are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of Linkedin profile writing articles out there with excellent pointers for optimising your profile and building your network, however most of these articles are geared towards any kind of Linkedin user and not a specific industry vertical. This article explores specific tips to help Supply Chain and Procurement practitioners write a really strong profile that showcases your talent and ensures your profile ranks well in searches when employers and head hunters are looking […]read more